Rekorderlig Logo & Bottles

Rekorderlig Cider was first created in 1999 with Europe’s finest spring water from Vimmerby, Sweden. From its organic and humble Swedish roots, Rekorderlig (pronounced Re-kor-deer-lee) has retained its dependable honesty to become a much-loved, fourth-generation family-crafted cider.


There are five unique and delicious Rekorderlig flavours to enjoy all year round; distinctively crisp Pear, dry and juicy Wild Berries, zesty Strawberry-Lime, rich and fruit Apple & Blackcurrant, luscious Mango-Raspberry and limited edition Winter Cider, infused with vanilla and cinnamon.


Rekorderlig Cider is available in 500ml bottles in liquor stores and in a selection of bars and restaurants nationwide. 4-4.5% ABV.